Building a yacht can be a great joy. At Avena & BinelliI Yachts we can manage your project to ensure that the result will exceed your expectations.
Avena & Binelli Yachts is able to offer assistance – with impartial advice – in all areas relating to yacht construction, from the concept design to the choice of the yard and the completion of the vessel.
Avena & Binelli staff will give you the best solutions for every kind of yacht building, from epoxy saturated wood to high tensile steel and marine grade aluminium or the most advanced carbon composite techniques.
Constant research in the last technological developements, at Avena & Binelli Yachts we are very proud to offer the most sophisticated solutions in hybrid propulsion (with micro turbines as generators), in collaboration with Formula E car racing experts.

RECENT NEW BUILD PROJECTS proposed by Avena & Binelli:

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